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When you have a legal issue, it’s natural to worry about your rights, the amount of time a legal dispute might take and the cost involved. The lawyers at Kammer Law Office, S.C. can address all of those concerns for you. After assessing your legal position, we can tell you where your case stands and what your options are and give you an estimated timeline.

Also, as a service to our valued clients, we can offer flat fees or contingency payments in many of our practice areas.

Our lawyers have earned thousands of successful outcomes in these and other categories:

Wills, Trusts, and Asset Protection [updated March 2020]

We will guide you in Estate Planning and protect your assets for your family and create Powers of Attorney to make medical and financial decisions. We'll safeguard the inheritance you leave, ensure it pays the least tax and shield it from the huge potential costs of long-term medical and nursing care...
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Criminal Law [updated March 2020]

Dealing with a criminal charge like a DUI can be one of the most stressful and scariest moments of your life. The outcome of your case can have devastating and lasting effects on your life and your job including jail or prison time, large court fees, a permanent criminal record, suspended driver’s license, and can even affect your future ability to rent or buy a house...
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Real Estate

Real estate accounts for a large percentage of an individual's or a corporation's financial assets. When you are in need of a real estate transaction, it is vital to have a skilled real estate attorney working on your behalf, because a lot of your money is at stake. Real estate laws can be confusing, and the ...
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Bringing or defending against a lawsuit can be a stressful and overwhelming time for any individual or business owner. The attorneys at Kammer Law Office, S.C. are experienced trial lawyers and have a track record of success in winning litigation cases for their clients. Let our skilled legal team ...
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Business Law

Starting and owning a business is a challenging, but rewarding endeavor. Protect your investments by retaining the legal services of the business attorneys at Kammer Law Office. Over the course of 40 years our attorneys have successfully helped countless business owners plan for, protect and defend their companies. ...
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Small Claims [updated March 2020]

The attorney helps you, as common examples, to get back the money you are owed or forces the return of an item that somebody took for their own. It's reserved for resolution of claims of $10,000 or less...
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Family Law Attorneys

Family law can range from a complex divorce action with numerous assets and/or a custody/placement dispute to the simple child support modification action or an action to enforce a judgment or order of the Court. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, having a skilled family law attorney assist ...
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Estate and Probate

So Dad died, and now you are learning that things were not as you expected. For one thing, Dad left a large part of his estate POD or "payable on death" to some other relative. And he left a will favoring the other relative over you. Perhaps there were things you thought he owned that just don't ...
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Bankruptcy Law

Financial difficulties can strike anyone, for example employment can be lost or a medical issue can result in your inability to work, and it may become necessary to explore whether a bankruptcy filing may help give you a fresh start.
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Mediation often takes place in family law cases, whether or not you have retained an attorney. Mediation is an alternative to a court trial. In fact, when there is a custody or physical placement dispute, courts order mediation with the mediator on staff in that county, or selected by that county...
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