Small Claims Law

The attorney helps you, as common examples, to get back the money you are owed or forces the return of an item that somebody took for their own. (Reserved for resolution of claims of $10,000 or less)

People and companies can break promises or do damage

We can get the compensation you deserve

Say a friend of a friend is in a bad way and asks to borrows your new laptop for work because his isn’t working, you lend it to him, but then he never brings it back. You’re mad because you need it for school, so you press him for it. After an argument, he finally brings it back to you, only its now in five or six pieces! He apologizes and said it fell out of his bag and got run over. You keep your cool and just tell him he needs to then reimburse you for a new one. He disagrees and says that it was an accident and he shouldn’t have to pay for it, after all, he didn’t run over it.

Or how about your neighbor borrowed your chainsaw years ago, you’ve now got a tree that’s dead and too close to your house for comfort, it needs to come down. You ask your neighbor for the saw back, he swears his Ex bought it for him years ago and refuses to give it back to you. Now what?

Maybe someone borrowed money or wrote you a bad check and now refuses to pay? Or perhaps you entered into a contract with someone and they now refuse to act in accordance with the contract.

This is the sort of thing small claims court deals with, and where we can help!

Small claims court is reserved for most monetary claims of $10,000 or less. If a case deals with third-party complaints, personal injury claims, or actions based in tort, then only claims up to $5,000 are the cut-off point before being required to be heard in the more costly and strict civil claims court.

The Attorney’s at Kammer Law, S.C. have represented clients in all manner of small claims cases. Does someone owe you $10,000 or less or did they take an item worth that amount or less? Do they refuse to pay or give it back? Contact us and let us help you!