Real Estate Law

Real estate accounts for a large percentage of an individual's or a corporation's financial assets.

Kammer Law Office, S.C., will ensure that your transaction is 100% accurate

When you are in need of a real estate transaction, it is vital to have a skilled attorney working on your behalf, because a lot of your money is at stake. Real estate laws can be confusing. We will create the best possible outcome in your real estate matter.

  • Estate and probate disputes

    Unfortunately when a loved one reaches an elderly age, he or she can become confused and susceptible to manipulation by an acquaintance, friend, fiduciary or even a family member. If your elderly or mentally incapacitated family member has a will or trust set in place and suddenly makes drastic changes, it is worth hiring our team to investigate the motives.

  • Property sales

    Our attorneys can assist homeowners who have already found a buyer without the use of a realtor. By using our firm to sell a house in this situation, you can actually save money because you don't have to pay a realtor's commission. We draft your purchase agreements and closing documents, and you can also make use of our firm's title company. We can also help businesses in the sale or purchase of real property.

  • Ancillary probate

    We have many clients who are residents of states other than Wisconsin, such as those living in Illinois, who own cabins or additional property here. If you are such a person, when planning your estate you need a qualified Wisconsin attorney who can provide legal advice on how to include your Wisconsin property in your estate plan. In addition, when an out-of-state resident who owns Wisconsin property dies, the attorneys of Kammer Law Office, S.C. are skilled in probate for such out-of-state residents.

  • Landlord and tenant matters

    Many landlords have used our firm for all of their legal needs because of our familiarity with real estate laws pertaining to their situations. Our lawyers can help with lease agreements, tenant screenings, evictions and abandoned property.

  • Starker 1031 Exchanges

    This is a tax-free reverse exchange of investment properties. If you own investment property and have plans to sell it and purchase another, you can face substantial taxes on the sale. When you retain the services of Kammer Law Office, S.C., we will prepare a Starker ยง1031 Exchange for your transaction so you can save on your capital gains tax and continue to build your wealth.

  • Foreclosures/Short Sales/Loan Modifications

    If you are having difficulty with your mortgage or are facing foreclosure, you shouldn't have to deal with it alone. Contact our attorneys to review your particular situation.

  • Property-related litigation

    When individuals or businesses are in a property or boundary line dispute, our Property Litigation Attorneys offer sophisticated legal services to help win your case.