Bringing or defending against a lawsuit can be a stressful and overwhelming time for any individual or business owner.

The attorneys at Kammer Law Office, S.C. are experienced trial lawyers

We have a track record of success in winning litigation cases for our clients. Let our skilled legal team help you resolve your legal issues and bring a desired resolution to your case.

  • Estate and probate disputes

    Unfortunately when a loved one reaches an elderly age, he or she can become confused and susceptible to manipulation by an acquaintance, friend, fiduciary or even a family member. If your elderly or mentally incapacitated family member has a will or trust set in place and suddenly makes drastic changes, it is worth hiring our team to investigate the motives.

  • Construction litigation

    Often times, especially in today's real estate market, subcontractors will perform construction services for a general contractor or developer and fail to be compensated. Obtaining payments that are rightfully owed to them can be tricky, especially if one of the parties has declared bankruptcy. Our seasoned attorneys can help subcontractors get the money that is rightfully owed to them. Our firm also prosecutes title companies that pay out improper escrow disbursements.

  • Insurance litigation

    Don't get burned twice! If you pay premiums to an insurance company, you are entitled to receive the benefit that you paid for under the terms of the policy. When you have been denied payments for your claims to property insurance, medical insurance, auto insurance or any other type of insurance, the law office of Kammer Law Office, S.C.can help.